Come and eat lunch at Bangkok Inn.

One of the best deals in Dallas!

Lunch Menu

Lunch Portion Stir Fry Dishes

Your choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu $1.00 for Shrimp

Served with white rice                                                                     6.95

Add a soup or an egg roll                                                               1.00

Brown rice                                                                           Extra   0.50


Broccoli Chicken

Ginger Chicken

Cashew Chicken

Hot and Spicy Chicken

Pepper Steak




Your choice of meat. $6.95

$1 extra for Shrimp

Green Curry

Panang Curry

Yellow Curry


Red Curry with Pineapple


Your choice of soup with any lunch order for $1.

 Tom Yam Kai

Wonton Soup

Chicken Napa

Chicken Tofu

Tom Yam Vegetable

Tom Ka (Coconut soup) $1.50



Bangkok Specials

Your choice of meat (add a soup or egg roll for $1)


Peanut Chicken                                                                     7.50

Triple Spicy Chicken                                                              7.50

Garlic and White Pepper                                                        7.50



Noodles and Rice


Your choice of meat (add a soup or egg roll for $1)

Pad Thai

Pad See Oew

Dunken Noodle

Fried Rice “Thai Style”

Fried Rice Pineapple