Come and eat lunch at Bangkok Inn.

One of the best deals in Dallas! 

Lunch Menu


Lunch Portion Stir Fry Dishes

Your choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu $1.00 for Shrimp

Served with a soup and egg roll                                                      5.95

Served with either soup or egg roll                                                  5.50

Served with white rice                                                                     4.95

Brown rice                                                                           Extra   0.50


Broccoli Chicken

Ginger Chicken

Cashew Chicken

Hot and Spicy Chicken

Pepper Steak




Your choice of meat. $6.95

$1 extra for Shrimp 

Green Curry 

Panang Curry

Yellow Curry


Red Curry with Pineapple



Your choice of soup with any lunch order.

 Tom Yam Kai

Wonton Soup

Chicken Napa

Chicken Tofu

Tom Yam Vegetable



Bangkok Specials

Your choice of meat with a soup or egg roll


Peanut Chicken                                                                     7.50

Triple Spicy Chicken                                                              7.50

Garlic and White Pepper                                                        7.50



Noodles and Rice


Your choice of meat with a soup or egg roll


Pad Thai

Pad See Oew

Dunken Noodle

Fried Rice “Thai Style”

Fried Rice Pineapple